Emotions and your body

As a fitness professional it’s easy to only focus on the muscles, joints, ligaments and bones, but our whole system is connected to our brain and therefore our emotions.

Emotions can have a huge effect on how you hold yourself and even the strength of your muscles.

If you are feeling down then often your shoulders will roll forward and your head will droop.
When you feel great and confident you hold yourself more upright, head held high.

This week I’ve seen a number of clients with extra tension in their shoulders and later found out that client was suffering with stress of some sort.
I’ve also seen someone bounce into class with happiness.

Have you had some mental trauma that is showing itself as an issue in your body?

Even lower back pain can hang around when there is nothing wrong anymore but because it has become part of who that person is.
By solving the pain are you taking away something that defines them?

Sometimes we have to deal with emotion before the body can heal itself.

This is also something I see with birth trauma and why just talking about an issue you can change the way your body reacts.

So after all that.

How are you feeling today?
What’s holding you back?

I’m here to listen.

Cheryl xx

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