I first came across Pilates when I was 13 at a dance summer school in Chichester.   At 16 years old I went to dance college in London and that’s when I really started to learn Pilates, it really helped me to gain the strength to do the ballet that I loved, and helped to sculpt my body, especially giving me the core strength that is so important for dancers.

My teacher, Conchita Del Campo…

at London Studio Centre, really believed I could be a good Pilates teacher and trained me up to cover her classes whilst on holiday. The classes included matwork and studio work, including the reformer and cadilac.

At this time Pilates had just started to become more mainstream, rather than just for celebrities and dancers, so I decided to do another course to get the certification- Body Control Pilates.

After training I went on to teach a number of classes in London whilst waiting for my first professional dance job. After that, I balanced my time between teaching Pilates and dancing all over the world.

There is no doubt Pilates has helped me to stay injury free during tough dancing tours.

After retiring from dancing

I set up my Pilates classes in the local area in 2008 starting with just two classes and now I have 14!

I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and have to do a significant amount of yearly training to keep the membership. This also means I can stay up to date with the latest medical advice.  I am a REPs level 4 Lower Back Pain specialist instructor, a Diastasis Recti Recovery specialist, Antenatal & Postnatal qualified, I have the Bone health certification and recently I have done the Breast cancer course as well as a course for all other types of cancer. I am qualified to teach small equipment including bands, small balls, Big balls, weighted balls, foam rollers and rings;  also courses in standing Pilates, older person Pilates, body reading biomechanics and hypermobility. I am currently working towards my level 4 Pilates qualification, Menopause and Hysterectomy certification.  

I like you to feel that you are not just coming to a class but joining a group and making new friends!

I like to keep my clients on their toes by bringing in different equipment to class each week and no two classes will be the same.  The clients that have been with me for years don’t get bored!

Come along and see for yourself how good you can feel!

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