Some lovely words from my lovely clients.

After several months of teaching from Cheryl I've started to really notice a difference in how my body feels!  The classes are always interesting by being varied and challenging - but I come away each week feeling invigorated and (somehow) very relaxed.  I was someone who used to rely on pilates books and dvds but I'd definitely reccommend Pilates South because Cheryl has the knowledge and experience you just can't get on your own at home.  Now I know that my practise is correct and safe for my body. Thank you Cheryl for helping me on my Pilates journey so far, now I'm excited for our future progress! Lauren
I've been meaning to say how much I am enjoying your classes.  You are a very good teacher, making it fun as well as making us work. The last year has been great, I look forward each week to attending and I notice a real change in body shape and strength. My goal is now to do a whole class without having to be gently repositioned by you! Jane
Thanks for your kind words & encouragement. You are an excellent teacher, always keeping a close eye on us & making sure we do the exercises correctly or to the best of our ability. You have a terrific personality, always happy & cheerful. Every term you concentrate on strengthening a different body area & the circuit class on last week of term is a great challenge, I could also call it fun!  I actually think your classes are the best I have EVER been to, always keeping alive our interest in Pilates. Sylvia
Cheryl you make each class a real pleasure, always something different to try, we both feel our core strength has dramatically improved and even our balance (that's saying something for me!!!!). Graham & Suze
Excellent class which has great variety of exercises enabling most parts of anatomy to be stretched and worked on according to ones ability. Cheryl
You are my 3rd Pilates teacher.  Each teacher quite different!  However my hips love the classes and if they are happy so am i!  I look forward to them and consider them an important part of my week. I think it is very important to go through the 60s/70s in as good as condition as possible. Ros
Thank you for all the work you do in organizing us all.  I always feel better after my Monday morning class, even in the depths of winter when one can feel more like hibernating? I reckon so long as I keep going, I might even still be at it in my eighties - provided nothing awful happens.  Who knows?! Clare
Thank you for all your hard work, it’s a pleasure coming to your class and I always feel better for it. Ruth
On my enrolment form you asked what I hoped to achieve from my classes with you. Well all I hoped has happened and more. My core muscles exist again and I can keep up with my grandson! I now have far more confidence in myself and feel better for it. Thank you Cheryl for all your expertise.  Suzy
Truth to tell, I've never really enjoyed exercising but I'm getting to that 'use it or lose it' stage so something had to be done! Lucky for me I found Cheryl and now - amazingly - I find myself actually look forward to my weekly session. They're packed with interest and challenge, and it's fun. Cheryl's an excellent teacher and her passion for Pilates is infectious. And as if all that's not enough, she's a lovely, caring person as well. Debs
Hi Cheryl Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying my Pilates sessions. This morning my bursitis in my right thigh was so much better after yesterday's session. Thank you for explaining all the exercises so well and offering alternative movements when appropriate for us novices and ladies of a certain age!😏 Judy

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