Postnatal Pilates

Mum & Baby Pilates Classes

Please contact me for the latest information on classes as I wait till I have enough clients before organising a block.

If you have a few friends that also have babies maybe we could organise a private group session?

This is a rehab style Pilates class. We do about an hour of gentle Pilates exercises, designed specifically for postnatal women.

Pre crawling babies are very welcome, please just bring a car seat or mat for them to lie on and some toys to play with.  I will bring everything else you need for class and all equipment will be cleaned before and after class

You must wait for at least 6 weeks before attending a class if you have had a labour with no intervention and 12 weeks if you have had a C-section.  You will need clearance from your midwife or GP before commencing and  I will send you a medical form to be completed before attending.

During the first session, I will check your abdominals to see what separation you have.  All exercises will then be assessed or changed depending on your specific needs.  I have specialist training in Diastasis Recti recovery and pelvic floor health, but there is no “one size fits all” approach and recovery often requires some homework. I may refer you to a Women’s health physio if i believe you need more specific help.

You are very welcome to feed during class as and when you need to.  We are very relaxed and expect to have good and bad weeks depending on the babies’ needs.

To book please follow the link to my payments page; Make a Payment

Small classes of 8 to 10 mums only and booked in blocks, so please contact me for more details and follow the link to my payments page to see availability for the next block.

After having two kids myself, I can see the benefit of Pilates for many woman after childbirth.  This is an area I’m particularly passionate about.

I have had two children, one via C-section and one Vbac,  so I know first hand how hard it can be when your body feels different and you often just need a bit of a helping hand to feel normal again. It is hard to cope with sleep deprivation and aching joints. Just one class a week can make such a huge difference to your whole wellbeing and ability to cope with this new challenge of a baby!

So come and join us!

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Antenatal Pilates

Although I am qualified,  I don’t offer specific antenatal Pilates classes.  However,  if you are already a client of mine, you can continue through out your pregnancy, provided  you have clearance from your midwife or GP and there are no problems.  It is essential that you tell me as soon as you are pregnant so that we can discuss what exercises are suitable. The first 16 weeks are crucial for the development of the foetus and it is important that the correct exercises are given.

Pilates is a safe form of exercise during pregnancy and has great benefits for the mother.

For more information or to book please get in touch.

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