Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates

Mum & Baby Pilates Class

10-11/11.30am Emsworth Community Centre

1 hour Pilates class aimed at Post natal women and half an hour for a free cup of tea or coffee and time to chat with other mums.

Booked in blocks so please contact me for booking details.

Pre crawling babies welcome.

  You must wait until at least 6 weeks before attending a class if you have had a labour with no intervention and 12 weeks if you have had a c-section.  Clearance from your midwife or doctor must be obtained before commencing.  I will also send you a medical form to complete before attending.

During the first session I will check your abdominals to see what separation you have.  All exercises will then be assessed or changed depending on your specific needs.

Please bring something for your baby to lie on and a few toys for them.  I will bring a mat for you and all other equipment.

I do have a kettle in the hall and can give you boiled water for heating a bottle or you are very welcome to breastfeed during class if you need to.  We are very relaxed and expect to have good and bad weeks depending on the babies needs.


I have recently had 2 children, 1 via C-section and 1 Vbac in Dec 15, so I know first hand how hard it can be getting your body back to feeling normalish! it is also so important to get out of the house and meet people, as it can be a very lonely time.

So come and join us!

Facebook link to the class is –

   Antenatal Pilates

I don’t have a separate antenatal Pilates class and therefor for safety reasons, its best if you find a specialist class, unless you are already a client of mine.  In which case you can continue through out your pregnancy, provided that you have clearance from your midwife or Gp and have no further problems.  It is essential that you tell me as soon as you are pregnant, as the first 16 weeks are crucial for the development of the foetus and it is important that the correct exercises are given.  We can then discuss what is suitable for you depending on what class you currently do.

Pilates is a safe form of exercise during pregnancy and has great benefits for the mother.